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They should avoid boy-girl single-dating relationships’” (“Policies and Procedures,” Jan. “Young people should still limit the close contacts for several years, since the boy will be going on his mission when he is 19 years old.

You will do well to grow up as children, associating with both girls and boys for those first years.

There should be limited contacts and certainly no approach to the intimate relationships involving sex.

There must never be any sex of any kind prior to marriage” (“Marriage—The Proper Way,” “Every boy should have been saving money for his mission and be free from any and all entanglements so he will be worthy. , he should feel free to begin to get acquainted and to date. Through group associations, they become more interesting people.

This relationship is defined as the knowledge these teams have with each other, the level of influence these teams have with each other, and the effectiveness of the communication mechanisms used between them.

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In any other sequence he could run into difficulty” (Spencer W. Make sure the following points are mentioned: They acquire self-confidence. [The pre-dating years are a time] when the girl prepares for group activities, for having fun, for maturing, for developing. Girls can reach out, recognize where they are now and enjoy today instead of just waiting for tomorrow to happen’” (Ruth H. “‘There are many wonderful things a girl can be doing other than waiting for a date, like just learning to enjoy people and developing friends, which can be exciting if the girl will let it be that way.

Funk, quoted by Gerry Avant, “Pre-dating Years: A Vital Season,” 3 Dec. “‘A girl who has many friends seems to be the one who will attract even more.

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Read the following quotation from the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve: “‘Mia Maid girls and teachers … Kimball gave the youth of the Church the following advice: “My beloved young people, you should be serious-minded. When you get in the teenage years, your social associations should still be general acquaintance with both boys and girls.

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